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Building Character Together.

Do you remember the way the gym shook when a huge game was underway and the crowd was going wild? The sound of sneakers squeaking on the wooden floor, the mascot proudly dancing on the sidelines, your team's name emblazoned in the center of the court?
We do too.

At New Dimension Hardwood Floors, we love a beautifully finished gym floor almost as much as you love cheering for your team. We help educational institutions from elementary to university to rec centers decide on a floor or a refinishing technique that best fits their use of the space and their budget.

Your schedule is crucial to the success of your organization. We work with you to ensure that we carefully choose products that allow us to meet your timeline. We properly prep the space, carefully protecting things like bleachers, doors, molding, and walls to ensure the least amount of interruption to the gym as possible. Our CSTAR system means we clean the floor, screen it, tack it -- meaning we hand clean the silt off the floor, and re-coat with the proper finish, ready for another winning season.

We are happy to work with your organization to install logos, names, and other specialty identifiers into the flooring. We provide a guide for care and also offer products to extend the life of the floor.